Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Detroit Tigers week in review: Week 10

It is pretty early in the season for the Tigers to have a 5.5 game lead over second place in the American
League Central. Of course after a weekend sweep of the Cleveland Indians, who are coming of the rials a little early this year, that is exactly where the Tigers stand. There are a few issues left to solve and this lineup really needs Austin Jackson back in a very real way, and the bullpen remains an issue. Of course there is more good news than bad, but a lot of longtime Tigers and old school baseball fans are waiting for this team to hit a summer slump. It is bound to happen at some point and we will have to wait and see how this team deals with that.

For the record the Tigers are 35-27. Over the last 10 they are 6-4, and they are 13-8 against the teams in their division but they have yet to play the Chicago White Sox. At home they are a very impressive 22-10, but if they want to run away with this division they need to improve on their 13-17 record away from Comerica Park.

The road record has to be concerning, with 50 some more games left to be played on the road that record needs to improve. The 13-8 record against the teams in this division could also improve a bit. Even though right now the Tigers look like the class of the AL Central field.

The Good:

  • Max Scherzer- Max is 8-0 and better than that all 8 of his starts have been quality starts. In 83.1 innings pitched Max has 100 K's and just 20 walks. He looks like the guy who should be starting the Mid Summer classic. His 3.24 ERA is second best among the five Tigers starters. 
  • Andy Dirks- Andy is often a target of Tigers fans but he is quietly getting it done after struggling a bit to begin the season. Sure he might only be hitting .249 but he has also knocked in 19 runs and hit five home runs. He does have 36 strike outs but he has been a pretty solid bottom of the order batter for this club. 
  • Miguel Cabrera- I mean at this point anyone who doesn't know this hasn't been paying much attention. 
  • Jose Alvarez- big shout out to a guy who might be the fifth piece in an amazing starting rotation sooner rather than later. 
The Bad:
  • Jim Leyland- Last week we even got him to admit it to the press that he made a few mistakes. It really seems like the skipper is struggling a bit this season. This is something we need to keep our eyes on. 
  • The bullpen- again anyone who doesn't know this hasn't been very close attention
All in all things could be a heck of a lot worse. We have a first place club that looks like it will win it's third divisional title in a row and let's hope the offense stop the annoying habit of going ice cold at crucial times. 

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