Tuesday, July 9, 2013

2013 Detroit Tigers: Who is expendable?

There is little doubt that the 2013 Detroit tigers need to make at least one move to become legit World Series contenders. It seems the things they need most are another couple of arms in the bullpen, and maybe another bottom of the order bat. However, given the fact that this team has been in win now mode for quite some time the cabinet of trade bait is pretty thin. There are always a couple of guys in the system that teams will be willing to deal for based on potential alone. The question then becomes who is expendable, and who can the team and its fans live without?

The real answer to that is no one is untouchable I would trade anyone on this roster not named Justin Verlander, Miguel Cabrera, or Max Scherzer to win a title. Sure I remember this organization trading Jon Smoltz just for a sniff of the playoffs in 1987 and that turned out to be a bad move but we have to look at the reality of this situation. Mike Illitch isn't gonna be around forever and to cement his legacy n this town he wants to bring it a World Series Title. With that in mind it would not surprise me if the Tigers did something drastic at the trading deadline. However, history shows that General Manger Dave Dombrwoski will likely make a very savvy move to get his team into the best position possible.

Wit htaht in mind who would the fans be willing to trade? Who has the most value to another team and not as much value to the Tigers? I think the number one answer to that is Avisail Garcia. Sure, they may view Garcia as the long term replacement for Torii Hunter in Right Field but for the right bullpen arm the Tigers might be willing to deal him. They still would have Nick Castellanos in their system and it really seems like thy are grooing him for one of the corner outfield spots on the big team in the future.

ESPN's Jim Bowden also seems to think the team would be willing to trade Andy Dirks. Andy has not lived up to the status of an everyday player this year but did make an impact in limited action last year. One has to wonder if a team would be willing to deal on that potential. The Tigers do have Matt Tuiasosopo on the big club already pretty much ready to step in and be the everyday left fielder.

It seems the thing to keep in mind here is we are not thinking about anything long term, the question is what would you give up now to win now? The future will have to sort itself out most likely under a new regime, with a new manager, and quite possibly with new ownership in place.

Again for the most part I would trade anyone and anything to win a World Series title in 2013, and I am of the belief that enough of the future has already been mortgaged that what is a few more prospects or major league ready talent compared to the first World Series title in nearly 30 years. Ya I am lucky I was eight years old the last time the Tigers were Champions and I remember it well.

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