Friday, July 19, 2013

Deep Thoughts with Joshua.....

So it is Whiskey, Guitar, and song writing therapy night....This particular bottle of whiskey has a very funny back story.

So when I first moved to this house I was dating this girl Haley, and the first time she slept, and I mean sleep perverts, over she waited till I fell asleep on my couch and went through my phone. She really didn't know me at that point and any of those numbers could have been relatives, sisters, ya know...I have to tell that part of the story first to understand the kind of person we are dealing with.

Ok, flash forward like a month and we are into a huge fight on the phone cause I tagged someone on facebook or something else equally stupid. I am driving to the liquor store to get a couple of beers to go home drink and be merry. At the counter I decide why not get a small bottle of jack to help drink away my ugly divorce. I put my phone down and mind you she is still yelling at me get my credit card to make my adult beverage purchase and the nice lady behind the counter says, 'you don't need to small bottle of jack, and it's on the house' and she points at my phone. In the background she is creaming at the top of her lungs about god knows what.

As  I sat down at my desk with my whiskey, my guitar, and a notebook to have a little therapy session I remembered where this bottle of jack came from and I was inspired. Maybe just to tell all of you this tale, or maybe to write a song about the crush, or maybe just to pass out drunk at my desk. But the inspiration hit me from one simple thing on my desk, and that is the object lesson here. Keep your heart and mind open to things and different things will happen, not saying all of them will be good.