Sunday, July 7, 2013

The curious tale of Rebecca...part we met...

The number one rule in writing is to write what you know. For the most part I am a sports writer and being a professional sports idiot is very fun and rewarding, but I like to write about other stuff too. So to understand where I am coming from you need to know a few things about me. First I am 36, divorced, and the father of the greatest little boy ever. I am a baseball coach and over the last two years I have been dating....yes that means I was dating before my marriage was officially over and that makes me whatever you feel like labeling me...but of all the girls I have dated, gone out with, hung out with, or whatever Rebecca stands out for a couple of reasons that are kinda hard to put into words.

I met here on a social media site, not a dating site and that seems important to point out for some odd reason. It was probably sometime in the summer of 2012 I think. It was weird I have met a ton of people via social media mostly work related but a number of dateable girls as well and I never really thought much of it at first. I guess it was weird cause this was a girl that virtually lived like a mile from where I was living at the time. As I said I had already met a number of really cool girls but not a one of them lived anywhere near me, and the one who I thought was most special lived in fucking it was just an odd occurrence that made me think the world is not as big as it seems sometimes and that was kind of it for the moment.

I was in a weird place when that initial online meeting took place. My marriage was unraveling all around me, and I had already made the decision to date someone else. So my plate was pretty full not only with the two women that were already in my life but with all the guilt that goes along with cheating on your spouse. I was also in the middle of auditioning for a new job so life was a little hectic then and like I said we met, we talked some, and that was kinda it.

Over the next few months, due to poor decision making on my part, my life descended into madness and everything that was not my kid or social media related was put on the back burner. I even took two months off of work. And once the Texas girl broke up with me I really thought that I wanted to die. I had a hard time getting out of bed in the morning and an even harder time looking at my wife who was by now dating someone else as well.

In the middle of all that I met someone else. A very col girl that lived in Colorado. I mention that just to point out how strange it was to meet someone online that lived not only in the same city as me but virtually in the same fucking neighborhood. It was so weird.

Right now these are all separate pieces of the tale that will converge down the road. Yes, part of all the confusion is my fault cause I made a number of really poor choices. The other relevant facts to keep in my is that Rebecca and I have several mutual online friends and one of them will figure more prominently later. But part one is all about the strange circumstances in which we met and the little bit of talking we did over the next couple of months...maybe as long as six months or something. Like I said my life was pretty crazy then and I really wasn't looking to complicate things anymore than they already were. I guess I thought Rebecca was just another online friend and that was gonna be it. I was very wrong in that and after things got sorted out a bit things would get clearer, and then really really weird.

To be Continued

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