Saturday, August 17, 2013

Deep Thoughts with Joshua....

I love it when my email folders are full of hate mail. I love when people take the time to repost links to my work and then call me terrible names. I love it when people call me blogger, say I am not a true member of the assembled sports media. I love it when people have no freaking idea how many times they are helping me when. I am a member of the media cause my press pass says so and every month when I pay the bills, earned off the back of all that hate I win. Every time you read one my articles I win, when you repost to facebook I win, and when you talk about it I win twice.

I don't care what people call me cause labels are not of interest to me. This is isn't the dark ages where a title gives me lands and rights. I am good at what I do and proof of that is how long I have been doing it, and the way I can easily piss of sports fans from coast to coast.

Call me blogger cause I happen to write online but fail to know I am also a published poet, I have a book deal, and I pay my bills and care for my family with the money I make yes from blogging.

Bring it on doubters, haters, underestimate the level of access I have. Underestimate my abilities to produce content people want to read, hate me for saying bad things about your favorite sports teams. It all pays the bills.