Saturday, September 7, 2013

Analyzing the 2013 Detroit Lions roster: Defensive back's

For the first time in a long time I am not as worried about the secondary as I am other parts of the defensive specifically the Linebacking corps. I like the mix of talent here this year and I think the one real weak spot is Louis Delmas and his inability to stay healthy. If it were not for that I would feel pretty confident heading into the season with this personnel grouping.

Chris Houston is back and I have always been pretty high on him. When we look over the stats from the last two seasons we find that teams are not very willing to throw to his side of the field. Sooner or later he is going to come up with one. I will not say he is an excellent corner, but he is a very good one. In the draft the Lions added Darius Slay and after off season surgery he has locked down the other starting Corner spot. I think teams will look to test the rookie early and hopefully he is up to that test. I am pretty high on the starting corners. Of course there is still a lot of questions about depth here. Bill Bentley, Jonte Green and Rasheen Mathis are the other corners on the roster so if there are injuries the Lions could be in trouble.

At Safety I love Delmas but his inability to play 16 games in any one season has me doubting he is the guy for this job. He is a leader and the defense responds to him, but when you are not on the field week in and week out changes have to be made. I don't see his health concerns getting any better but I have been wrong before. He is joined at safety by free agent addition Glover Quinn. This was a very astute pickup by the Lions and his influence has already been felt in the secondary. If Delmas stays healthy and Quinn performs like he did for the Houston Texans the secondary could be very good.

Don Carey, John Wendling, and DeJon Gnomes are the other safeties on the roster and will make more of an impact in the Special Team arena if everyone stays healthy.

There is a lot of potential in this unit, and sure as Lions fans some years we have feasted n potential only to be utterly disappointed but let us save judgement till we see what this unit can do in normal game conditions.

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