Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Deep Thoughts with Joshua...

The Fall is an odd time of the year for me. It is my favorite time of the year. Hoodie weather, changing colors, and football. Of course it is also the time of year of my birthday and my son's birthday. All within the first month of fall we all get a year older, we get a year wiser (hopefully), and the boy starts another year of school. Today was the first day of school for him so its a little weird for me to sit here in my office and write while he is gone, the TV isn't on, and I can sit here and reflect.

In a lot of ways the past 12 months have been the hardest 12 months of my life. My life has completely changed from where it was, or where I thought it was, last year at this time. I have learned a lot, had a lot of experiences, and I think my outlook on life has changed, and how I am going to live my day to day has been severely affected.

In a few weeks I will turn 37 years old. I am divorced, I am a single father, and I now have a new girlfriend and my life is so much easier day to day than it was with the ex wife, in the old house, with the old problems. Experience has taught me so much, how to be, what to say, and the importance of doing the right things. I am not getting a year older, for the first time since maybe I was 26 I am leveling up to something better.

A little geek culture this afternoon can do some wonders.

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