Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Deep Thoughts with Joshua...

Yesterday was a pretty tough day, and it use to be that after days like that I would fight with my ex wife and make things that much worse. After being together for 10 years and going through a pretty ugly divorce our relationship has certainly changed, and we are forever linked because we have a kid together. Last February we made a pledge to one another to put our son first and to let the animosity, jealousies, and ugliness between us start to fade away. We sealed that promise to one another in blood and ink.

Now seven months later, and after not really believing that was possible, I think the two of us are really living up to hat pledge. Given all the pledges that we have made one another over the years and on the back of all the one we both broke it's a little hard to accept that we could actually do this. However, and she deserves a lot of credit in this, slowly but surely we have let go of the hurt that was our failed relationship and stepped up to not only be good parents to our kid, but to actually be kind to one another.

Given the situation, as it stands here today, it would be very easy for her to write off what is going on with me, Yet she has handled that with a lot of class and respect. I could understand hurt feeling, jealousy,  and bitterness, but none of that comes. She even went as far to say 'Josh, you are a good dude and you deserve to be happy.'

I was pretty surprised at that, but it just goes to show ya that someone you think you know can always surprise you, and situations are not always want they seem. For her and I, I guess we are just better friends than lovers and after what felt like a lifetime together we are slowing realizing that. there doesn't need to be all the hurt and anger anymore, we can be calm, get along, and parent our child together.

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