Monday, September 9, 2013

Detroit Tigers week in review: week 22

I do not want to press the panic button just yet, but I have my hand over it for sure. This team has lost five of the last seven and wound up the season series with the Kansas City Royals with a less than stellar 7-9 record. Once again we are seeing late season struggles against the Royals and it could wind up costing the Detroit Tigers big once again. Just like in 2006 when all they had to do was win one game to win the division.

While it is way to early to panic, can anyone honestly say this looks like a team capable of winning the World Series? I think we are all agreed 2013 is a World Series title or bust situation for the Tigers, as it stands right now I do not see a team that can do just that. Never mind the fact once we get to the Fall Classic I have zero faith in Manager Jim Leyland.

The magic number is 15, and that is any combination of Tigers wins and Cleveland Indians losses for a third straight division title. After that we are into the post season and there is not a great way to predict what is going to happen.

Overall the picture is a little more rosy. The Tigers are still 82-61, they are 44-27 at home and 28-34 on the road. It has been a pretty good year, but the expectations were very high when the season began and that could ruin the impression of this year moving froward into history.

There are no more good and bad. After 20 plus weeks we know what this team is. We know what they can do, and we know what they have done. With that being said let us take a look at the team totals as the 2013 season enters the stretch run.

  • At 728 runs the Tigers are second in the AL
  • 1,448 hits ranks them first in the Junior league
  • 162 home runs ranks just fifth in the AL
  • They have the fewest stolen bases
  • With a .286 team batting average the Tigers easily lead the AL
We turn our attention to the pitching staff:
  • with 82 wins they are 3rd in the AL
  • 3.72 gives them the fourth best staff ERA
  • They easily lead their league in strike outs
  • The staff has given up the fewest home runs 
All in all pretty good numbers, and being as far above .500 as they are says 2013 was a pretty good season, but if this team fails to live up to its expectations.

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