Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Detroit Lions week six in review

Who thought after six games of the 2013 season we would be sitting her talking about the 4-2, and in first place, Detroit Lions. Of course at one point in 2011 they were 5-0. However I believe in this 4-2 team more than I did that team. 5-0 and they barely won 10 games that year. 4-2 now and I do not think we have seen the best this team has to offer. That is very encouraging for this long time suffering Lions fan.

Beating a team one the road is a big step. Being 4-2 is a big step, and these are the kinds of game the 'Same ole Lions' use to lose. It wasn't always pretty, and it wasn't dominating, but the Lions played three solid quarters on both sides of the ball and earned this win. We still have yet to see the best this team has to offer and once they reach the next level they can start to polish their performance a little. For now winning games by an means necessary is the goal, and for the Lions right now maybe there are no style points.

With that being said let us take a look at the good and the bad from game six of 2013.

The Good:                      

  • DeAndre Levy- 7 tackles and 2 picks. This guy continues to make an impact all over the field and he is putting together a heck of a season. he seems to be everywhere and further proof he is better on the outside then he was in the middle. 
  • Kris Durham- 8 catches 83 yards and he is proving once more he can go get a ball or two. Would love to see this cat develop into a legit threat, for now he is a role player getting additional time due to the health of the Lions receivers. Stepping up big when he gets a chances is the reason he made the team. 
  • Joseph Fauria- Three catches all for TD's. Sure he doesn't get many chances out side of the red zone but this is his role to put points on the board and he had proven himself capable of doing exactly that. 
The Bad:
  • Penalties- 8 penalties....still feels like too many. However those 8 penalties were only for 65 yards and two of those calls were highly questionable. The Lions are not making the big 15 yards mistakes and that is why they are winning. 
  • Punt returning- This is a continuing issue. five punt returns for 22 yards. I am no math wiz, but that means they averaged what 5 yards per punt return? Not good enough!
All in all there is not a lot to complain about this week. The Lions won, and did so in a convincing manner. All of that is good and we know look for this team to gain this a little swagger. They need to start believing they can win every game no matter who the opponent is and that will become more important in week 7 with the Cincinnati Bengals coming to town. 

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