Monday, November 11, 2013

How much will Max Scherzer get paid in 2014?

Max Scherzer just completed a break out season, and will likely win the American League
Cy Young award this week. He has five years of MLB service and that means he is under control of the Detroit Tigers for 2104 and this will be his last time he is arbitrationelgible. He mad 6.725 million dollars in 2013, and that was a big raise over the 3.75 million he made in 2012. Since Scott Boras is his agent it seems very unlikely that Max will sign a multi year extension this off season, which means the Tigers will have to offer him enough money to sing a one year deal or go to Arbitration and see what the panel awards him. The team could trade him, and given their payroll situation they may have too.

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