Monday, June 17, 2013

What is the Detroit Tigers biggest flaw?

Detroit Tigers Manager Jim Leyland has never been one to not tell the Detroit sports media what he the bullpen but no one seems to have an easy answer on how to fix it. Leyland also made the point that far too much is made of the Tigers bullpen woes and not enough is made of an inconsistent offense. 
thinks. This weekend he went on a tirade about how the media and the fans see the problem in
Leyland said this (as reported by
We haven't done very well in close games. We've been terrible.
Sure, the Tigers' bats have been sporadic at times this season. But, let's be honest, offense isn't the club's No. 1 concern. At 4-13 this season, Detroit's bullpen record is the worst inbaseball. Bottom line: It needs to be addressed.
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