Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Goodbye Avasail Garcia, and hello Jose Iglesias

Dave Dombrowski has worked his trade deadline magic once again. He has swung a three team deal with the Chicago White Sox and Boston Red Sox to get the piece that his team needed most a middle infielder and while many of us would have preferred a veteran a guy who can hit like Igelsisas and who has big range and will be under team control for the next five years is a solid pick up. The flip side of the coin is it looks like Jhonny Peralta will be lost to suspension for 50 games, and official word should come down on that very shortly.

Before we continue a look at how the trade breaks down:

  • The White Sox get Garcais and maybe a prospect from Boston
  • The Red Sox get SP Jake Peavy
  • The Tigers get SS Iglesias 

So the loss of Peralta hurts, and makes the Tigers are worse team all around the addition of Iglesias is solid. he is the rangy Short Stop this team needs to play next to Miguel Cabrera and there is little doubt he will be the shortstop for the next few seasons. Peralta will come back before the playoffs and likely get his spot back but Igelsisas is on a 50 game try out for the job long term without question.

Iglesias is hitting .330 with little power but a guy who can consistently get on base in the bottom part of this order could help a lot. There is little doubt he is a defensive upgrade but we will have to wait and see how he helps the Tigers deal with losing their #6 hitter who was hitting .308 with 10 home runs and 58 RBI.

Looking at the cost, Garcia was a high cost to pay and to trade him within the division ups that cost significantly. However if the plan is to have Matt Tiuasosopo and Nick Castellanos as the one day everyday corner outfielders with Andy Dirks or someone else as the fourth outfielder Garcia was an extra piece and extra pieces should always be traded away to help the team win a World Series title. This feels like that kind of move. It may have been forced upon the team by Peralta's suspension but none the less on paper here and now it looks like a winner.

Of course that will change the first time Garcia steps into the box against JV and takes him long, but hey that is a complaint for another day.

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