Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Deep Thoughts with Joshua....

When I guy gets a divorce he should get a year to go out and make all the mistakes he can and no one should be allowed to hold any of them against him. There really should be some kind of Federal catch and release laws for divorced guys.

Think about what divorce means....

  1. he just had his entire world turned upside down
  2. what happened before the divorce was final was likely pretty traumatic
  3. he stopped doing whatever it was that attracted her in the first place
  4. most importantly he is way out of practice when it comes to dating
This is not so much a deep thought as it is a public service announcement. Ladies when dating a newly divorced guy please keep these things in mind. Treat him with good, and remember he is broken inside. It is very likely he is questioning everything, it is very likely he is looking to regain his confidence, and I promise he is gonna fuck a lot of shit up. He is gonna need sometime to remember how to date. Give him a chance, because it is also very likely he understands the mistakes he made and is not gonna make them again.