Thursday, August 22, 2013

Are the Detroit Lions uniforms ugly?

Ugly probably isn't the right word. Let's face it the Detroit Lions Honolulu blue and silver is pretty freaking awesome, but much like their play on the field these uniforms maybe be a tad mediocre. Maybe a tad average but that four letter network ranking the Lions uniforms as the sixth worst in the NFL seems a tad ridiculous. And the reasoning for that is a little part of local Detroit sports tradition.

It seems to be that the folks over at the four letter network like teams that have not changed their uniforms very often, but also like the teams that have added a third flashy uniform to boost sales over the years. However, in case no one has failed to notice Detroit sports uniforms do not change all that often. In fact he one team to change their uniforms and colors, the disastrous teal and maroon era of the Detroit Pistons, ended up creating one of the ugliest uniforms in the history of sports.

The four letter network's main complaint about the Lions uniforms is all the black trim. albeit the black uniforms were particularly terrible, but it seems kind of odd to hate on a uniform that much because of black stenciling. of course their point that this black outlining is and will always be tied to Matt "the idiot" Millen is completely fair and valid. Their further point that a team with this color scheme should own their color is also pretty valid.

All of us Lions fans love the Honolulu blue and we always want more of it. Half of my house, much like everyone who is gonna read this, is decorated in Honolulu blue. I would like to see more of it everywhere. However the new Lions script logo and the new main logo were big improvements over what was there and the four letter network and their little mouse masters should step up and recognize.

Of course the Lions throw back uniforms and pretty stale and plain and the alternate black jerseys of the Millen era were awful. The Lions are not the Oakland Raiders nor will they every be and true fans of this team embrace the very unique color scheme of their team.

Of course their have been other uniform missteps by this team. In 1998 they wore blue pants on the road with the Lions white road jerseys which were just awful, and the road uniforms have always been kind of plain. However this is our team and we love the Detroit blue paired with the silver and white. I do not have a problem with the black accents like those employees of the mouse but hey I can see the point that anything having to do with the Millen era of this team is just wrong.

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