Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cast of Characters

So this is a reference not only for me, since so many people inhabit my life, but for the rest of you as well. Since I may be talking bout any one of these people in my daily ramblings. These are not gonna be in any kind of order, but the first few are the people most important to me and the rest will be in some kind of chronological order. of course this is very much a work in progress. the format is as follows their actual first name followed by what I call them in Parenthesis since I usually write about them with nicknames to avoid being sued.

Kathy (the ex wife)- Not allowed to call her Baby momma cause she gets hella pissed. We were married for nine years and of all the things I could say I will say this, we simply we not right for each other. She holds a a special place in my life as she is the mother of my son.

The boy- my kid means everything to me and he is my full time job. Being a single dad is a ton of work but is oh so rewarding. If you know my kids name you now that you are special to me because I do not use it online ever.

Lea (the mistress)- I dated Lea for almost two years. It was a lot of fun and complicated and flamed out in spectacular fashion. If there was ever another girl  I would have married it was probably her.

Haley (the ex GF/super bitch)- Why did I date Haley? I have no idea. She was the first GF post divorce and a gigantic mistake and a complete waste of time. So much drama over so much dumb stuff.

Sam- Sam is like the coolest chick I know, fellow game of Thrones nerd, breaking bad fan, book worm, fan girl, our conversations are very inspiring.

Sandi (the sweetness)- I dated Sandi for like a month after I broke up with Haley. She was more interested in playing BS head games then being in an adult relationship so she GONE!!

Kristen (hell bitch)- I probably won't write anything new about her but some old blog posts are very much hell bitch inspired. She is absolutely the worst person I had the misfortune of dating and thank god she said now when I asked her (twice by the way).

Christy (bubbles)- she is the one that got away, the chick I should have married.

Jenna (the Brit)- I dated Jenna before and sorta during that whole Christy thing. She was really cool but very British which led to all manner of hilarity. She use to cover hey eyes while watching Oz when they were "being gay" too funny. She is also the reason I twitch when I hear a british accent lol.

Brittany- Not a lot to say here. We sorta dated for a minute and she was the one I talked to when the ex tried to get me arrested and I had to go on the lamb with my kid to avoid a kidnapping plot.

Andi (Philly Girlfriend)- Andi is just awesome and the first person I talk to each day. She has the head of the Joshua Lobdell Council of Ladies and it is her who I tell all my female problems too and see council with.

Jeanine- my very close friend, and fellow Walking Dead idiot. Jeanine is also on the Council of Ladies and her best advice had to do with one Ms. Frannie and a really bad idea of a road trip lol.

Frannie- I have no idea how to explain her. We casually dated??? I suppose for like six months IDK....but fuck her...twice.

Michelle (crazy tits)- I dated Michelle for a few months before her insanity became dangerous

Lacey (Cam Whore)- Lacey and I had fun for awhile, and then I got to sweat out a paternity test during which she made me the very nice offer of selling me her child for 10 gr.....Ya Lacey is a piece of work.

Kimberly (lips)- Kimberly was the first girl I crossed the line with. She was the gateway to all that followed and she was just cool to hang out with go to the bar have a drink. Shit got weird and she ignores me now.

Cooper- I have a thing for Canadian chicks that goes way back. Cooper was fun, nice, and now gone lol. Yes that is an alias...too bad...deal

Kristine (baseball buddy)- the only girl I cheated with that was ever in the same room as my ex wife. One of the few times hen I let my guard down and forgot to be careful.

Stephi- I feel kinda bad about this one cause she was so ready and I was so not and her feelings really got trampled on

Elizabeth (snowflake)- I dated Liz right before I met Kathy my now ex wife. We dated over the summer of 2004

Amanda (bitches)- Amanda and I dated for like two years very on and off. Not a great time in my life and not a very great relationship.

Heather (dumb bitch)- Heather was my first serious girlfriend as an adult. She was very dumb but had very nice uhmmm assets...

Kayla- one of the may Texas chicks I got myself involved with. In the end she could not deal with a guy like me. AND BLOCKED!!

Tim (goose)- Tim was my guitar player and with whom I write all the best songs I ever wrote. We had a serious musical synergy between us and writing with him was a pleasure