Monday, August 12, 2013

Deep thoughts with Joshua....

Life is weird. Given the conveniences of modern technology I am having two very different conversations with two different people in two different states. But the theme of both conversations is fairy tales. The first conversation was one about Sansa Stark, from the popular TV show and book series, Game of Thrones. Sansa's biggest flaw is she looks at life through Rose Colored Glasses. She has spent much of her 14 years of life reading romantic stories and is trying to make the events in her life fit into those ideals.

At the same time I am talking to someone else about believing in fairy tales and how often that ends up in heart break, but it would be such a shame to give up the belief in them, or the search for that ultimate fairy tale.

We can all be jaded by the events in our lives. It would be easy to be cynical. It takes a certain amount of courage to chase a fairy tale, and it takes a lot of alcohol to recover form when that fairy tale goes wrong, but it takes unbelievable courage to pick yourself up and start chasing the next fairy tale.

Without those fairy tale ideals, life would really be a drab no matter the level of the heartache, or heart break pick yourself up dust yourself off, and chase the next fairy tale...if you dare!