Friday, August 9, 2013

Deep Thoughts with Joshua...

Since  I started I have always had the plan in my head. How I would go about building my career as a writer. and for the most part I have stuck to that. Granted there have been a few pitfalls along the way but that happens in every career.

I started writing as a hobby. I covered sports for a friend's website and then we started booking shows and we created a Local music thing. Writing show reviews and working with the bands was a lot of fun and I started thinking I would love to be a writer man do this for a living.

Of course at some point real life got in the way. I got married and had a kid so I had to have a real job ya know with a salary and benefits. Then fate intervened. After being a stay at home mom for almost two years my then wife decided she wanted to go back to work. So I became a stay at home dad, and with the proliferation of the internet I started writing again and then actually started getting jobs and people were paying me money to do the thing I loved and it was just awesome.

I wrote for a website for two years and never got a dime. I think the only compensation I ever got out of that gig was a few baseball hats. My now ex wife was so pissed at me for doing that, for covering NASCAR for that tie for free for that long, but in a very real sense every dime I have made writing since then is a direct result from first learning the craft of writing there and building my audience. I have fans and readers that still read my work that started on that started reading me on that site some six years ago now. they have followed me around the net and have made my writing gigs that much more enjoyable and profitable.

The point here is I knew what I was doing and I built up my audience and kept the long goal in mind. At every point since that that initial investment has more than paid off.