Thursday, August 8, 2013

Deep Thoughts with Joshua....

Sometimes it is too easy to get lost in what has happened to you in life. Sometimes it is too easy to play the victim. Sometimes it is just easier to throw up your hands and scream "fuck, why me?"

I spent a lot of my life trying to be something that I could never be. It was until I accepted that and just decided to be me. I found peace in that, and it made my life make sense to me. I let the titles of my life dictate the person that I was, and that just doesn't ever work. Being ok with one's self is not outside in kind of proposition. It is very much an inside out deal and that is the hardest lesson to not only learn but share with others.

People say I have traveled a hard road in life, and I see the people in my life dealing with way tougher shit than I ever had to, but all of those things make us into the people we are. If you are ok with the person you are you will embrace all of those things.

I told someone this week that I liked the man that I am today, and it took a long time to finally be ok with that. I am not what happened to me, I am what I chose to become, and that may have been a tough choice and a hard journey but it was so fucking worth it.