Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Looking at the holes in the Detroit Lions roster

The Detroit Lions first pre-season game is this Friday against the New York Jets. As always the team has released its depth chart for the game and even though it is the first pre season game it would seem that there are a few holes in this roster. Hopefully those holes gets fixed before the regular season begins but even for the pre-season they seems awfully troubling.

In a lot of ways it seems the success of failure of the coming seasons rests with the decision to try Jason Fox as the starting RT. We have no idea how that is going to play out, but it seems an awfully big role for the as yet untested fourth year player. In the NFL guys are backups for three years plus for a reason and it would be such a shame for a team with so much promise to be undone by one questionable roster call. If Fox plays well great, if he does not the Lions may need to go get a veteran to start at RT short term.

It also is a little concerning that Dylan Gandy, a career backup, is the starting RG against the Jets. The hope will be by the time we get the the games that matter Larry Warford will be the starting RG. If he is not that pick has to be called into question and again we have to raise the issue of why do the Lions draft guy in the higher rounds and not play them immediately. It seems very curious to me.

Those are two significant issues along the offensive line that need to addressed and hopefully they will be as the rest of training camp plays out. For me the next biggest hole comes at corner. Again the hope here is second round pick Darius Slay will eventually win the job, but he is recovering from surgery so Ron Bartell is starting against the Jets. that is not a decision that is going to inspire much confidence.

However, it is the first pre -season game and it is not going to be a game that anyone remembers past Friday night. The pre season should be used to evaluate talent and hopefully at some point this pre-season we see Warford and Slay start and perform well. if that happens this looks like  team that could do pretty good, if not well it could be a long year. We shall see.

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