Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Deep Thoughts with Joshua....

So we live in a world where anyone with an internet connection can go online and slander anyone virtually anonymously. Some people use that fact to their advantage and use the internet to spread hate because they are ignorant or not happy with their own lives. Since I work online and hang out online a lot I run into a lot of these types of people.

One of these online haters likes to stalk, and let's face it there is no nice word for it, two of my social media accounts and "warn" girls when they add me or talk to me. Its really pathetic. That a grown man, and yes through the miracles of research I have come to find out this guy is like 39 years old. and he spends his time "warning" women about me. All because two years ago we were talking to a girl at the same time and she chose me over him. Grow up dude for real.

Of course people can surprise you, and I get the flip side of this coin a lot too. At least four girls that have been warned about being my online friend have given me the benefit of the doubt and come to find out that my internet hater is exactly that. A faceless hater who doesn't even know me, but some how got it in his head that running me down to girls would win him brownie points or something.

Thank goodness the several girls he has pulled this on were smart enough to see it for what it was and gave me the chance to defense myself to them and gave me an opportunity to see that whatever he was saying about me was a complete fabrication.

The point here is this, if you hear a rumor about someone especially on the internet, why not take the time to ask the person about it. I have four or five very good friendships because some people took the that time with me.