Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Why Detroit is awesome.....

It is pretty easy to run down Detroit. It is pretty easy to make fun of Detroit, and it is pretty easy to be negative about the city. However, for those of use who were born here, lived here, grew up here, have long family history here, or work here it is our duty our obligation to tell the folks that don't really know a few reasons why Detroit is awesome. With that in mind here is my number one reason why Detroit is awesome, and maybe all of you out there in internetland will share a few Detroit is awesome stories too....

When I think about being in Detroit I think about one thing....Coney Island hot dogs. Bun, dog, Chili, onions, and mustard. Detroit Coneys are the best and the best place to get them is Lafayette Coney Island Downtown.

I have been going to Lafayette since I can remember and the one time I went to that place next door, that I cannot even name, I was more than disappointed. you want an authentic Detroit experience Go to Lafayette sit at the table with you fellow Detroiters and enjoy a Detroit tradition.

I have been to Lafayette after Tigers games, Red Wings games, Lions games, the auto show, virtually every event know to Detroiters. After drinking across the river in Windsor, at 4am, and once even with radio personality JT the Brick.

Detroit is awesome and one of the reasons why is Lafayette Coney Island...next time you are downtown check it out and maybe just maybe I will be there enjoying one of the great Detroit traditions.