Thursday, August 15, 2013

The new character....or this awesome girl from New York

My life is kinda odd. I spend a lot of time online for work and of course using social media to promote my work and get interesting tidbits to write about and of course talk to people which of course translates into talking to girls. Which of course means I talk to a lot of girls. Not really sure how to define a lot, but several IDK something...

Anyways every so often, just like with everyone else, someone comes along and you just gotta stop and say wow this one is freaking awesome.

This happened to be last weekend. Talking about the Detroit Tigers playing the New York  Yankees on one of my favorite Social Media platforms I met her. And her wanted to make a bet on the game, and we like making bets on sporting events. And just to clarify really fast:

  • Chicks that like baseball (even if its the Yankees) are sexy
  • Chicks that know about baseball are sexier
  • Chicks willing to put bragging rights among other things on the line are hella
  • Finally chicks who hate A Rod are even sexier
What's even better, in the era we live in, is to make a connection with someone via your computer or smart phone. It happens to me a lot but I probably spend more time online and on social media than most. However, when someone really awesome comes along it is important to take notice. 

So awesome New York chick...welcome to my is very interesting here.....