Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The one Game of Thrones theory that makes sense

It is not that I want to stifle anyone imagination. It's not that I want to be a block to their creativity, but the Game of Thrones fans have come up with so many wild theories about this and that that it makes my head hurt. While I love to obsess over every single detail of the Game of Thrones universe, trying to come up with a theory that actually makes sense is pretty hard. With that being said there is one out there that I am ready to believe in, and I truly believe this is the big twist George R.R. Martin is basing the entire series on. 

The rumor I am starting to believe in is that Jon Snow is not Ned Starks's bastard and that he is actually the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. The most casual of Thrones fans knows that Rhaegar "kidnapped" Lyanna and that was one of the sparks that led to Robert Baratheon's rebellion. However, there are many clues in the books that lead a lot of credence to this wild rumor.

How do you know if someone has read the Game of Thrones books? Of don't worry they will tell you...over and over again, and yes I READ THE FUCKING BOOKS!!

So let's start with the evidence. I amgoing to take a different approach than most proponents of this theory do. Everything we know about Ned Stark is that is unflinching in is sense of honor and duty. He Married Cateyln Tully after she was promised to his brother, and takes his sense of honor and duty so far that it leads to the destruction of is house, the end of his life, and the splintering and scattering of his own family.

I ask you is this the kind of man that would cheat on his wife? Is this the kind of guy that would give into carnal desires? Maybe a young Ned would give in, and have a lapse in judgment along the lines of what we see his son Robb have. However, we do know that no matter what happened Ned took care of Jon and we would expect that of this honorable man. However, in the books we know that Ned made a promise to Lyanna as she lay dying. It seems a very reasonable proposition that this promise was to raise Jon as his own and keep him safe from the many, many people that would want to snuff out the Targaryen bloodline. 

There are also many mentions in the books about how much Arya (Ned’s true and youngest daughter) resembles Lyanna and how much Jon and Arya look like they are related. Under this scenario Jon and Arya would be cousins and I don't know about your family but my cousins on my mother’s side look like my younger brothers. 

This rumors has a lot of popularity right now since the actual name of the series is A Song of Ice and Fire. Think about that Jon Snow lives at a wall made of ice, and Daenerys has dragons that breathe fire. Under this scenario they would Aunt and Nephew to each other and each have a legitimate claim to the Iron Throne. Jon would probably have the better claim as a male, but who wants to mess with a fierce chick who rides a dragon? 

This is one of those theories that falls into what we know about Game of Thrones quite well, and we think it makes sense as to where we anticipate the series to be going. Of course since books 6 and 7 are as yet unwritten maybe Martin decides to go in a completely different direction. We shall see. 

With all of that being said, who do you think is Jon Snow's father?