Friday, December 6, 2013

30 day Game of Thrones challenge: Day 2: Fave Quote

I could pick a lot of quotes and there are a lot of good one. Be them from the books or lines inspired by the books that made it into the TV show. I would love to go with the Hound's speech in the show when he gave up during the Battle on the Blackwater.

However, I am gonna go with a more classic line. Really it is the first bit of wisdom Tyrion drops on us when they are at Winterfell. It is a classic quote, and it just happens to be how I live my life, and therefore why I think it is such an awesome line...
Let me give you some advice, bastard. Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.
Tyrion and Jon Snow have a lot in common. They are both the sons of one of the Lords of the great houses of Westeros but yet they both have a sever limitation. Clint Eastwood once told us that a man has to know his limitations and for me this quote is very much related.  Instead of being aware of his limitations, which we could argue he has none, Tyrion is saying accept yourself for what you are. Then go out and do. Tyrion is the smartest guy in Westeros by more than half.

Other people are always trying to define your life by their set of prejudices. They always call me blogger as a way to say I am not a writer or a journalist or whatever other label they want to use to describe me. I base my writing and my career on the fact that my bills are paid, my kid is fed and ya know what label my anything you want because I am going out to make mine. Call me what you will, cause like Lord Tyrion says I will use it like a shield. I will wrap myself up in it and let it keep my warm.

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