Friday, December 6, 2013

Detroit Tigers position by position review: short stop

We all know the deal here. They made this trade at the deadline last summer. Jose Iglesias is the short stop from the next couple of seasons at least. We also kind of know what we are getting in him. His glove is gold no question, but is bat is light and I do not mind having one number 9 hitter in the starting lineup every day but for as long as Alex Avila is the catcher we are always going to have two and that bothers me a lot.

Since we know what we have in the short stop position, and yes I think Steve Lombardozzi is the backup middle infielder meaning he will play some second and some short. While Miggy plays a better first base than Prince did, it seems like Ian Kinsler and second and Iglesias will have to cover a lot of ground. Overall I think this team built this way is better defensively. They have taken a clear step back offensively, but maybe the team will be more balanced in offense and not go so cold. I still think with light bats in the infield that this team needs to upgrade the production from the catcher spot, but since Alex's dad is the Assistant GM I don't see that happening anytime soon.

For the record Jose did hit .259 in 40 some games with the Tigers and he hit .286 in the playoffs so things could be worse. However, Jim Leyland was convinced that he was just a #9 guy and I would rather see hit him 8th with Austin Jackson in front of him and Avila behind. that would give this team a little speed at the bottom of the order and maybe Brad Ausmus will even use it a little bit more.

Of all the spots in the field I feel the best about short. Iglesias is a defensive wizard and his defense is his value for this team. Sure I would like to see him hit a tad better, but if he is a bottom third of the order kind of guy I am ok if they look for bigger offense at other positions.

Even though it remains my belief that 2014 Tigers will not be better than the 2013 version, I do happen to think they will be more balanced. I think that in of itself is a major improvement and might be the difference between getting to a World Series and winning one.

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