Thursday, November 13, 2014

Detroit Tigers begin building the 2015 roster

Detroit Tigers General Manager Dave Dombrowski has begun to build out his  roster for the 2015 season. Attending the annual GM meetings Dombrowski has acted quickly once again this off season. His first move was to resign Victor Martinez to a four year 68 million dollar deal. He then traded the top prospect in the Tigers' farm system, Devon Travis, to the Toronto Blue Jays for OF Anthony Gose. There are no rumors that the team is shopping C Alex Avila.

With these moves we start to see what the 2015 Tigers will look like. Once again the Tigers are in win now mode. They are hoping they can win a World Series title before their championship window slams shut. They are closer to that, and to being the Philadelphia Phillies (minus a ring of course) then they are as legit contenders for said title.

This is a roster that is still too top heavy, and that might be good for ticket sales, and that might be just good enough to win the division, However after four straight divisional titles, and four post seasons that do not end with a win how much longer will Tigers fans be content with simply winning the division. The simple truth here is the two things that help a team win in he playoffs are the two things were this roster continues to be deficient. Those two things are of course team defense and a strong reliable bullpen.

I am more than sick of hearing how this team is built for the post season. If that is true why do the Tigers lose in the playoffs so GD always!! Every other team minus the Cleveland Indians have won a World Series title since the Tigers last one won. The Kansas City Royals just won the AL pennant, the way the Tigers have been going about this clearly doesn't work.

The simple fact here is the roster is too top heavy. This was certainly true last year when they dealt away Prince Fielder. It remains true after trade deadline deals and the beginning of the hot stove season has seen the team deal away a number of its top prospects. Granted prospects in baseball are hardly known commodities but as good as the stars on this team is exactly how bad the bottom of the roster is and they need more balance to truly be considered legit contenders for a World Series ring.

Gose is fast, and he looks to be a legit Center fielder. The plan looks like he will platoon with Rajai Davis out there. However he has no bat, and he strikes out far to often to be considered a legit leadoff guy. So in effect the Tigers have added another bottom of the order guy, and it seems like he main plus to this situation is he will make the minimum salary over the next two seasons.

I am not as concerned about losing Travis as others. Since Ian Kinsler is likely going to be here for the foreseeable future and the club also has Hernan Perez. I would like to see Perez play 2015 in Toledo continue to develop while Jose Iglesisas and Andrew Romine man the middle infield in Detroit. I am ok with that situation.

It is far to early to start predicting the job Dombrwoski is doing to build out the roster for 2015. A big chunk of that will be what winds up happening with Avila. It would be nice to add another bat to the middle of this lineup.

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