Thursday, December 4, 2014

Why I dislike Tara Knowles

I always end up on th wrong side of this arguemnbt. The fangirls in my life never understand why I don't like her. Why I have such disdain for her, and they seem to think that my dislike of hr character is somehow an endorsement of her brutal murder.

I have just started a 30 day SOA blogging challenge and the subject of favorite female character got me on the wrong side of this argument again.

So before we go any farther let us set two things in stone. Even though Tara did some pretty heinous, outrageous things I do not think she did one thing in six seasons of Sons of Anarchy that warranted her being murdered with a carving fork. Also I do not dislike her because she was goin to take Jax's children away from his crazy ass life. Even though we could argue she had very questionable legal right to do so since one of said children isn't hers. For me escaping Charming was the exactly right motherly extinct for her to have at the moment.

However, for me Tara for the most part is a very weak willed woman. There is nothing I hate more than weak women. It bugs me on a very personal level, and I have spent half a career in sports finding and working with strong woman. Woman who don't need anyone but themselves, who are secure in who they are, and I think it is that personal prejudice that makes me dislike this character so much.

Think about it. What we know about Tara is this...She originally left Charming because she was uncomfortable with where the love of her life's life was headed. She felt the need to escape, so much so that she went out and got a medical degree and becomes a very skilled surgeon. Only to run back to Charming when a guy starts stalking her...

And here is where I think the disconnect with Tara for me comes from. I'm a guy and I don't live in fear of anything. I do not know what it is like to be with and/or around someone that scares me that badly. I am not sure the male brain can comprehend that. I know some of the females in my life say I can be scary, especially when I am mad. I have a deep voice,  I am loud and I am a big guy and I understand that in logic but not in a physical sense.

What I am left with, when it comes to Tara, is a chick who is really just picking what she thinks is the lesser of two evils. She knows already what and who Jax is before she decides to return. She knows it is not something she can live with because she already left once. That is before she does the things that she does that make me hate her even more (no spoilers). However, over the course of seasons 2-5 we see her become Gemma little by little, and nobody likes Gemma. But more and more Tara transforms into a eviler version of the Biker Queen because she is smart and sophisticated in ways Gemma certainly is not.

Maybe I am just spoiled by Game of Thrones. In that world anyone who makes a bad or questionable decision they are rewarded with a just fate. It is something I have come to expect, something that I understand...but in the SOA world we have Tara who makes a choice I don't exactly understand (returning to the place she fought to escape from), a questionable decision is getting back with her high school sweetheart, a highly questionable decision of having a child with a pretty bad dude, and a ridiculous decisions to stay in a life she could never ever accept. All of that before she starts acting the Gemma and manipulating people.

I am perfectly willing to admit that I may be on the wrong side of this, but it is my collection of personal preferences and prejudices that lead me to not like her a whole heck of a lot.