Monday, August 5, 2013

2013 Detroit Tigers week in review: Week 18

Well that was a fun week. Maybe having so many games in the second half against the slumping Chicago White Sox is going to be very good for our Detroit Tigers. The Tigers were at home this past week and busted out the whooping sticks on their competition. They went a perfect 8 for 8 on this home stand but gained no ground as the Cleveland Indians also went 9-1 over their last 10. That sets up a early August showdown between the two teams. If the Tigers can go to Cleveland and win tow or sweep they could make the race to the division title a moot point. It is showdown time in the American League Central. 

There are a few comers and goers as well. After the trade deadline Jose Veras and Jose Iglesisas have made their debuts here in Detroit and both look like solid additions to the roster. Jeremy Bonderman will also rejoin the Tigers (for Evan Reed) tonight in Cleveland, and we await the announcement at 3pm which will likely include a suspension for SS Jhonny Peralta effectively ending his career wit the team. 

We move to the splits. The Tigers are 64-45 and hold a full three game lead over the Tribe for first place. They are 37-19 at home and 27-26 on the road. That means winning the division isn't going to cut it anymore they need to have a good enough record to insure home field advantage in the playoffs. This team still has some work to do and that includes handling their business in Cleveland starting tonight. 

The Good:
  • The Starting Rotation- very soon all five Tigers starters will have at least 10 victories. Very soon all five Tigers starters will have at least 100 strike outs. Doug Fister is a ground ball inducing machine and now the tigers have the defense behind that can convert those outs. 
  • Jose Veras- He has made three appearances so far with the Tigers not allowing a hit, fanning one and earning a hold. He is exactly what this bullpen needed.
  • Victor Martinez- after heating up in July Victor is hitting .272 and since he has gotten hot the Tigers are wining more, is that just a coincidence. 
The Bad:

  • Alex Avila- He had a pretty good home stand, but even with that he is hitting less than .200. He handles the staff well but at what point does this team need more offensive production out of their catcher. 
  • Omar Infante- Looks like he had a setback and this is a tam that needs him defensively and in the daily lineup. No matter how good the kid might be Jose Iglesisas can only play one position at a time. 
  • Phil Coke- the team needs to find him a role he can excel in. Clearly that is not how they have been using him. 
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